In the Spring 2017 we held a Summit to bring together the community and

determine how to best move toward the future digital economy.

Here are the Summit Proceedings.

The videos and resources below provide more information. Stay tuned for details on how to get involved with the Fall 2017 Summit!

What could the future economy look like?

What could manufacturing look like in the future? 

How are organizations' cultures changing and evolving? While the video below focuses on implementing Lean and Agile, this 9 minute video explains how organizations are changing to adapt to more complexity.

Check out all the interesting talks from the Disruptive Innovation Festival. The Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) is an online, open access event that invites thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, businesses, makers and learners to explore the question “The economy is changing - what do I need to know, experience and do?”.

Can WNC become a Fab Region?

The Fab City: It’s More Than Just a City Full of Fab Labs