Making Transportation Access Easier

Meet the Geeks, Code for Asheville, and UniteWNC put a call out for members to ‘pitch-in’ at a Transportation for Seniors Hackathon and 30 folks answered that call on January 13th.

Topic Groups from October 11, 2017

Five groups initially discussed transportation for seniors topics from the previous October 11th meeting.

The five ideas to minimize seniors’ isolation and keep them integrated into the community included:

  1. Education and PR
  2. Coordinating Services / Connecting Systems
  3. Using Available Idle Resources
  4. Creating Zones of Service
  5. Creating Volunteer Voucher System

Idea Title Presentations on January 13, 2018

From the initial cluster presentations on January 13, several idea titles originated:

  • From Here To There: Web-based navigation app
  • Senior Adventure Trips
  • EasyRydes

The solution voted most promising is a web-based application that will help seniors successfully navigate transportation options by bridging currently disconnected systems (ART, Mountain Mobility, Trailblazer, Lyft/Uber, etc.) from the perspective of the individual traveler.

Users can add constraints to their searches (time, money, mobility, etc), to return most accurate and usable information. The vision is to turn our current transportation options from a competing system to a cooperative collection of transportation offerings. This app would not only benefit seniors but all residents. The initial scope of this project would be for Buncombe County.

T4S: Navigation App Weekly Meeting

Starting Thursday, February 8 from 1:00 – 1:30 p.m. join us to a weekly, recurring Google Hangout meeting (as posted on the UnITeWNC Google Calendar).

We’ll also set up a Trello board. If you’re interested in being a part of the working team, we’ll invite you to that as well.  Contact us with any questions.

Contact Us

If this project excites you and you’d like to get more involved, please send an email to [email protected].