You're Invited

to UNITE WNC the WNC Tech Sector Summit. March 31 - April 1, 2017

@UNITEWNC you will participate fully in planning for our vibrant tech community. We will map out our current strengths, imagine where the future of WNC intersects with tomorrow’s technology, and engage in disruptive dialogue to create our collective strategy for making WNC the tech hub we all believe it can be.

What Are the Summit Goals?

  • Create a shared Vision of the WNC tech sector in 2025
  • Identify well-defined areas of emphasis for collective action and impact.
  • Identify and prototype policy recommendations.
  • Identify and prototype education and training goals.
  • Create branding and social media strategies and stories.
  • Develop and prototype infrastructure goals.
  • Create a Hub/Network in WNC to support and maintain momentum and track success and prototype a communications strategy.

Should I Attend?

The answer is YES if your life or business is impacted by technology or you can impact the future of technology in WNC! This includes any tech worker in WNC, IT managers in industry, CEOs of tech companies, educators, investors & funders, members of tech networks and associations, recruiters, economic development officials, elected officials, public policy makers, students/young people, people who can seed future conversations and future success. We need all stakeholder voices in the conversation to make room for what wants to emerge!

Norris Gentry, Chairman of Madison County Board of Commissioners

"As a community, Madison County, is moving forward to empower our residents with the technology of today and tomorrow.  Access to these resources are critical to the continuing progress in an expanding and more prosperous future.  We embrace the challenge and support the Unite WNC goals to help support the regions growth."

Wanda Greene, Buncombe County Manager

"I believe that designing our digital future provides a tremendous opportunity to develop a strategic plan for the technology sector in our region. I am supportive of the UNITE WNC project and look forward to working with others to strengthen our talent base in this fast paced digital world."

David N. Wilcox, Vice President Tower Associates, Inc.

"Mature business ideas that took years to develop now happen overnight. Overwhelming data, untrained or undertrained employees, inadequate equipment and infrastructures and cyber-attacks are all battles that rage at every turn. Businesses depend on a collaborative model helping each other and that is why the UNITE WNC spring event is so vital for our region – to plan our digital IT future."

Josh Dorfman, Director of Venture Asheville and Asheville Angels

"It’s clear that technology will play a key role in WNC’s future. But whether it becomes a driving transformational force for regional economic prosperity is up to all of us to determine. UNITE WNC is playing a crucial role in charting the path forward! "

What Role Can You Play?

Register today and help us design our digital future. Early bird registration ends March 15, 2017. 

Reach out to others in our tech community and encourage them to participate, too. Our vision of WNC's technology sector in 2025 will be strongest when we have the broadest grassroots participation. Register today!